Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too Big to Fail Whom?

I, personally don't believe the government and the politicians grasp what many Americans are going through in this troubled economic time. People are walking away from their mortgages at a staggering rate, foreclosures continue to rise and roughly 10% of homeowners will end up underwater. That doesn't sound that bad.

Now take some time to read the stories behind those statements. The horror stories and nightmares will continue to ravage American families unless they find a way to reach those families. I believe a larger number of people would have been helped if the government had chosen to provide aid through a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION that didn't stand to gain from the aid. If they want to help struggling families then they must go to where the struggling families are and not to Wall Street.  How do you think those folks on Wall Street got so rich?

It's aggravating to hear the government say the financial giants are 'too big to fail'. I'm certain the AMERICAN PEOPLE out number the financial giants by staggering numbers. Yet, the failure of the American People is apparently acceptable.

Here's something to get angry about. WE paid the TARF bailout money so the finanical giants could pay the bonuses they were contractorally obligated to pay. They accepted a loan from the AMERICAN PEOPLE in order to fulfill their obligations because they were unable to make their payments. They were in need and the generous American People came to their aid. But when those very same American people are backed into a corner the government fails to provide accessable aid to them.

Too Big to Fail? They have FAILED. They failed the American People.