Sunday, May 2, 2010

Am I really part of HAMP?

   I recently had a wonderfully long conversation with one of Saxon's customers. She was told she had qualified for the Homeowners Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).
   She was told to submit a vast amount of verifying documents and how much her payments would be.  She did like many others, submitted the paperwork over and over again, made all her payments on time consistently for three months.  Then, she was informed they needed to extend her trial period, "Just continue to pay the trial period payments as stated" they said.  So she did. For another three months.
      During our conversation,  I asked her a simple question that lead to a jaw dropping moment for me. "What date is on your Trial Period Agreement?"  To my amazement, she had never received any legal type document specifying the terms of the trial period.  NOTHING!
Holy cow! Saxon just collected more than $12,000 from this person and she was never officially part of the HAMP.  She was recently told that she had never been approved for the program. Saxon is moving forward with the foreclosure.
      She lives on Long Island and said it's really expensive there. The homes around her are $500,000 homes.  She had lived in her home for 21 years.  All her equity is gone.  She said if she loses her home it'll be because she sold it not because they foreclosed.  She will continue to fight Saxon not only to save her home but also because what they are doing is wrong. Keep up the fight Kim.