Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading for every borrower who applied for HAMP

Every borrower should take some time to read the 'Supplemental Directives' that govern the HAMP program.  When you are going through such a situation it is beneficial for you to know and understand the guidelines associated with the program. I printed copies and they were all inked up with notes and bright highlighted areas.  Learn what they are supposed to be doing so that you can hold them accountable for what they are not doing. 

I don't think they liked it when you know what you're talking about.  At one point a representative said "I don't know where you got your information but that's not accurate."  She didn't say much after I told her it was directly from the 09-03 Trial Period Guidance documentation from the Hmpadmin site.  
Please bookmark or save the links below:
  • 09-01 Home Affordable Modification Guidelines
  • 09-02 Home Affordable Modification Guidelines
  • 09-03 Trial Period Guidance
  • 09-04 Home Price Decline Protection Incentives
  • 09-06 Data Collection and Reporting Requirements Guidance
  • 09-07 Streamlined Borrower Evaluation Process
  • 09-08 Borrower Notices
  • 09-10 Temporary Review Period for Active Trial Modifications Scheduled to Expire on or before 1/31/10
  • 10-01 Program Update and Resolution of Active Trial Modifications
  • 10-02 Borrower Outreach and Communication
  • 10-03 Modifications of Loans Insured by the FHA
  • Supplemental Documentation FAQs - Download Now
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