Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saxon needs to rethink their company values

"Our goal is to provide valued services with Care, Responsibility and Attention to detail to ensure a unique and positive experience with Saxon.

 At Saxon, we pledge to deliver courteous and knowledgeable responses to all customer inquiries. You can make a payment online or view your account history by logging in. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or Glossary for general information. Our highly trained agents have the knowledge and expertise needed to resolve most homeowner inquiries in the first call. For more specialized situations, our Home Preservation team will work to structure a resolution that provides a fair and equitable plan."
There hasn't been any valued service or attention to detail that has come out of Saxon.  Most customers have NEVER been treated courteous and things like "I don't know" and "I'm not sure" have been heard all too often. If your 'highly trained agents' are the best you can do then as customers, we want HIGHER trained agents. Frankly, there has never been anything FAIR that has come from the Saxon experience.
Their Vision:
Saxon creates value by managing assets to superior performance, through a combination of talent, analytics, and execution that provides all of its investors, customers, shareholders and constituents with maximum returns and Best-in-Class mortgage servicing.

 The returns are coming at the expense of the customers. The MAXIMUM returns are not benefiting the borrowers, in the least. You mean Debt Collecting and customer harassing, don't you. Best in what class?

"We will create a high performance environment that achieves results without compromising our values:

  •  Lead with integrity - Do you even know what that means? HONESTY AND TRUTH. You're joking, right?
  • Put clients first  - Which client because it's not the homeowner
  • Win in the marketplace - STEAL in the marketplace
  • Think like an owner - Of what... the big banks
  • Keep your balance - I believe this says it all... THEY WILL KEEP YOUR BALANCE, OR TAKE YOUR HOME.

 All this comes from their "Who We Are" webpage.  These are their values and vision.  They are useless, empty pitches to gain the confidence of the investors in order to increase their portfolios.  When you take the time to call Saxon's 800#,  they refer to themselves as a "Debt collector".  There's no mention what so ever of being a Mortgage Servicing company. 
Honestly, if this were a marriage - I'd have killed him a long time ago.