Monday, May 17, 2010

Erroneous Paperwork May Indicate a Bigger Secret

Many people suffering from mortgage nightmares haven't a clue what to look for when it comes to trying to uncover the dirty little secrets in their paperwork.  One good way to start is to request the papers. 

First start with all the legal papers associated with your present situation.  Your original mortgage documents, the deed or note, copies of any assignments of mortgage (you can get these from your courthouse or recorder of deeds office), the foreclosure papers.  Check out the dates. 
Do they make sense?  [i.e. is the date on your note the same date you closed on your home.] More specifically... did your mortgage company OWN your loan when they intended on foreclosing on you?  If the dates don't seem to add up, then you just might be uncovering something a bit bigger than you thought.

When mortgage companies began to cut corners they weren't limiting themselves to just crappy fax machines. They went all out. Misrepresenting employees as VP's of this or that, maybe forging documents or even assigning a mortgage into a trust after it had already been closed. 

You're not too stupid to figure this all out... you just didn't know what to look for. They figured you'd never notice it. Guess again...