Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HAMP Numbers are Unacceptable.

Based on the resent April 2010 performance report:

Eligible Delinquent loans: 3,275,249 | Trials Extended: 1,487,594 | Modified: 299,092  | Canceled: 277,640

Of the overall eligible delinquent loans, only 9% have successfully been modified and 8% were canceled. I could go into all the other stuff like how many were extended a trial period and how many were generated in March but for what. The bottom line is the number of eligible people you could be helping vs. the number you have helped.  

Those are some disappointing numbers when it comes to a program that was supposed to help 3-4 million people.  More like only a few hundred thousand.

Yea, Mr. President ... you missed your mark by an awful lot.  I'm pretty sure that will be a good 277,640 votes against your re-election.  Maybe even a few million that will consider your running mate as a better choice.